Update on Brucehaven brewery

An enquiry to the Fife Council archivist pointed me to the Object Names book that goes with the 1854 Ordnance Survey map. The names book was used by the collector to record the spelling and give a brief description of each of the objects identified on the map. The spelling was checked by reference to local ‘authorities’ – people of education and standing the community. So, since the brewery is on the map, it also appears in the names book and one of the authorities for the spelling is Mr Wilson, occupier of the brewery.

Screenshot 2016-03-01 21.50.06.png

From there, I ended up on the National Register of Archives for Scotland site, which holds a catalogue of the contents of private archives (not the records themselves). A search for Brucehaven there throws up a record of the lease of the brewery to William Wilson in dated 1845.

Screenshot 2016-03-01 21.49.11

So, ’empty’ in 1831 when the sublet of the inn was agreed and leased to Wilson in 1845. Still open in 1854 but ‘long discontinued’ by 1880.

Update on Brucehaven brewery

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