Availability – updated

Current beer list. Stocks of everything except cider. I have two Belgian style beers – Cairns and La Senne – on offer @ £1.50 instead of the usual £2.50. They have a best before date of end June 2022.

In addition to there’s a gift box of 6 x 330ml bottles for £12.50.

Local orders can be placed through CAMRA’s Brew2you app or by email (steven@brewshed.scot) / Facebook Messenger (@brewshedbeers). Edinburgh orders – message me direct. All beers (apart from offers) are £2.50 each.

Delivery – happy to deliver in an around Dunfermline at no charge. Outwith Dunfermline, minimum order £30 or £5 delivery. If you order for an Edinburgh delivery run there is no delivery charge.

Payment orders through Brew2you are charged through the app. Otherwise you can pay at PayPal.me/brewshed.

Availability – updated

4 thoughts on “Availability – updated

  1. Gibson says:

    Hi, Steven, we have a tree full of cooking apples, from doing a bit of research on the internet i know that a mix of cooking and eating apples is best for making good cider. I wonder if you might be interested in them. Gibson.


    1. Hi. Thanks for getting in touch. Ordinarily a tree full of cookers would be great but it’s been such a productive year that I’m completely inundated with apples. I’ve got about 300kg lying in bags on the brewery floor waiting for a fermenting tank to be emptied so that they can be pressed. If I took them they’ll have rotted by the time I get round to using them so I’m afraid I’ll have to decline. Cheers.


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